Artist Bio - Gary Kleiner

GH KLEINER is an artist from Nyack New York, a creative community on the outskirts of New York City. Artist Edward Hopper lived iin Nyack and his childhood home became the Edward Hopper House. Nyack was also The home of actress Helen Hayes and Director Johnathan Demme. I fell into two deep depressions where I was hospitalized for months. I practiced drawing in the hospital and fell in love with the process ,and discovered that drawing made me feel good. I experimented with many different techniques, I drew the changes in my life: death of my father, loss of my job and a divorce. Teaching myself to use the art as therapy helped me emotionally as well as building my self esteem. I developed my drawing skills to where I would like to teach others drawing. My mother has served as my mentor giving me critical advices helping me to to become an artist. I have been inspired many artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Haring, Dr.Seuss, and Charles Schultz. Thank you GH KLEINER